County Commissioners

County Elected Officials and Responsibilities

County Commissioners

The Board of County Commissioners is the chief administrative body for the County.  County Commissioners are also responsible for maintaining and constructing the County roads and bridges.

The Commissioners must act as a Board when entering into contracts or other agreements affecting the County’s welfare.  Thus, actions taken by the board are voted on and approved by a majority of the Commissioners.  The Board of County Commissioners business meetings are open to the public.

As the County’s chief administrative body, the three County Commissioners must make major financial decisions and transactions.  The Board has the Official duty to ensure the fiscal responsibility of the other County Officers who handle County funds.  The review and approval procedures empowered to the Board of County Commissioners are meant to provide the public with a fiscally efficient system of county government.

Zach Cavett 


County Barn:

1502 E. Pine
Cushing, OK  74023

(918) 225-1330


Chris Reding


315 W. 6th, Suite 203
Stillwater, OK  74074

(405) 747-8339

Kent Bradley


County Shop:

506 Expo Circle South
Stillwater, OK  74074

(405) 372-7758
Fax: (405) 747-8372

[email protected]

County Information

County Seat: Stillwater

County Size: 697 Square Miles

Population: 77,350 (2010 Census)

Land in Farms: 328,925
(Farms: 1,115)

Miles of Roads: 1,275

Number of Bridges: 277

Emergency Managment

Phone: (405) 533-6875

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Contact Information

Payne County Courthouse
606 South Husband Street
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074-4020

Payne County Admin Building
315 West 6th
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074-4020

Phone: (405) 747-8338
[email protected]