County Elected Officials and Responsibilities

Glenna Craig (Stillwater/Republican)
County Clerk
Payne County Clerk's Office
315 West 6th Ave #202
Stillwater, OK 74074-4020
Phone: 405-747-8310
Fax: 405-747-8304

Attention All Persons Filing Documents in the Payne County Clerk's Office:

Effective February 1, 2014 the Payne County Clerk's office will no longer provide return postage for filings. With the continuous increase in postage rates, we will no longer be able to extend this courtesy at the expense of Payne County taxpayers.

If you wish to have your documents returned to you after filing in the office of the County Clerk you must provide a self-addressed postage paid envelope for the return of your filings.

If you fail to provide a self-addressed postage paid envelope your items will be held in the County Clerk's office for pick up. Items left in the office, or not picked up in person, will be destroyed after 12 months.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Payne County Clerk's office. We appreciate your business and attention to this notice.

County Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

The County Clerk is the principal record keeper for the county and preserves all legal instruments filed by private citizens and public officials within the County Clerk’s office. The County Clerk maintains an accurate and current record of legal instruments including deeds; mortgages; plat maps; oil, gas, and mineral leases; liens; and military discharge papers, plus numerous miscellaneous documents.

The County Clerk also serves as the secretary to several boards, including the Board of County Commissioners, the County Excise-Equalization Board, and the Board of Tax Roll Corrections. The County Clerk prepares and posts the agenda for these meetings, records all of the proceedings, and files all pertinent documents.

The County Clerk assists the county in its financial affairs in a variety of duties. The County Clerk reviews all claims for payment for goods and services and prepares the proper warrants, including the county payroll, and health insurance for employees. The County Clerk is also responsible for recording all appropriations and expenditures for each county office and department. When preparing the annual budget, the County Clerk processes the estimate of needs for the county and other governmental entities. The Office of the State Auditor and Inspector prescribes all the forms used by the County Clerk.

In most counties, the County Clerk, or a designated deputy, serves as the Purchasing Agent for the County. The Purchasing Agent handles the paperwork for purchases, rentals, lease-purchase agreements and advertises for sealed bids for the Board of County Commissioners to make sure that public tax dollars are being spent appropriately. In performing these various duties and functions, the County Clerk ensures that all the transactions of the county comply with state law and serve the public interest.

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