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All documents must have correct legal descriptions according to state statutes when filing or they will be returned.

Register of Deeds

Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Glenna Craig

The office of the County Clerk and the Register of Deeds were created for each organized county in Oklahoma. The offices were consolidated into the County Clerk’s office in 1974. The County Clerk serves the public by maintaining a public record of the ownership of land or real estate to create the history of title to a parcel of land or chain of title. When it is compiled in written form together with a statement of all liens and other recoded liabilities to which the title may be subject, it is referred to as an abstract of title.

Documents filed must meet the requirements of Oklahoma Statutes
19 OS SUPL 1997 SEC 298, A-E
28 OS SUPL 1997, SEC 32

EFFECTIVE January 1, 1998

 All documents recorded in the County Clerk Real Estate division shall
 Be Original or Certified Copy
 Describe the specific legal description
 Clearly legible, in English language, without the aid of magnification

Documents not meeting the above requirements shall be refused for recording
All documents recorded in the County Clerk Real Estate division must meet the following requirements for the standard filing fee:
1) More than 25 legals must be sorted
2) Must be no larger than 8 1/2 x 14 inches
3) Provide sufficient space for filing information
4) 1” top margin and 1/2“ side margin

Documents not meeting the requirements as outlined in 1-4 may be recorded for an additional fee:
Nonconforming Fee
1st page - $25.00
2nd page - $10.00

28 Oklahoma Statute 1981, Sec 32

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