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laura thomas

Laura Austin Thomas
District Attorney

District Attorney’s Office, District 9
606 Husband, Room 111
Stillwater, Oklahoma  74074-4044
(405) 372-4883

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District Attorney

As the chief attorney for County Government, the District Attorney acts as the legal advisor to the County Officers on matters related to their duties.  When any County in the District is involved in civil litigation, the District Attorney serves as its defender or prosecutor.  County Officials may call upon the District Attorney to clarify a law or request an official interpretation from the Attorney General.

Office Overview

The Ninth Judicial District Attorney’s Office is comprised of 11.25 prosecutors and thirty-two full time support staff serving Payne and Logan Counties.  Our annual caseload consists of over 3400 felony and misdemeanor cases, over 200 new juvenile cases, and over 4500 child support cases.




Bogus Check & Restitution

Bogus Check & Restitution Division assists merchants and citizens in the collection and prosecution of false and bogus checks.  This service is provided free of charge to all merchants and citizens of Payne and Logan County and is funded 100% by the bogus check writers.  The collection fee charged to each check writer enables the program to be self-supporting without any additional financial burden to the taxpayers.  This division is also responsible for collection restitution for crime victims.


Child Support Enforcement

Child Support Enforcement Division is responsible for establishing and enforcing child support orders in Payne and Logan Counties.  This division maintains over 4500 cases and collected in excess of 9,635,000.00 in 2013 and 10,341,746.00 in 2014.  There is one Assistant District Attorney responsible for the Payne and Logan County caseloads.



Civil Division provides legal advice to county officers and employees regarding their official duties.  Additionally, this division may appear in District Court on behalf of the county in civil actions brought by or against the county and often provides legal defense services to county officers or employees when they are sued in the good faith performance of their official duties.


Criminal Prosecution

Criminal Prosecution Division is responsible of the prosecution of all traffic, misdemeanor and felony offenses committed in Payne and Logan Counties.  There are eight Assistant District Attorneysdedicated to the prosecution of over 3400 misdemeanor and felony cases.


Juvenile/Mental Health/Adult Protective Services

Juvenile/Mental Health/Adult Protective Services Division is responsible for the prosecution of juvenile delinquent (criminal) cases, as well as, the protection of abused or neglected children and incapacitated or elderly adults.  Further, this division petitions the Court on behalf of children and adults who are in need of mental health treatment in order to protect them from self-harm and endangering others in the community.  The goal of the Juvenile/Mental Health/Adult Protective Services Division is to ensure juvenile and parental responsibility for children who have committed criminal acts as well as the protection of the right of abused and neglected children and incapacitated and elderly adults.  One Assistant District Attorney is assigned to the Payne and Logan County caseload.



Victim-Witness Division is responsible for providing comprehensive services to witnesses and victims of crime in Payne and Logan Counties. These services include victim notification, financial assistance, crisis intervention, court orientation, emotional support, and assistance in the return of seized and recovered property being held as evidence in criminal cases.


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County Information

County Seat: Stillwater

County Size: 697 Square Miles

Population: 77,350 (2010 Census)

Land in Farms: 328,925
(Farms: 1,115)

Miles of Roads: 1,275

Number of Bridges: 277

Emergency Managment

Phone: (405) 533-6875

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Contact Information

Payne County Courthouse
606 South Husband Street
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074-4020

Payne County Admin Building
315 West 6th
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074-4020

Phone: (405) 747-8338
[email protected]