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Voter Assistance

On this page you will find information on how to get assistance with voting due to a disability or an illness. If you are unable to access your polling place because the building is not handicapped accessible, or due to physical limitations please read the information below. Voter Assistance information is provided by The Oklahoma State Election Board.

Voter Assistance in Oklahoma

Some voters need assistance to exercise their right to vote. The precinct officials at your polling place are trained to offer assistance to voters who need it. Voter assistance is available for:

 Voters who are physically disabled and unable to mark their own ballots.
 Voters who cannot read.
 Voters who are blind or visually disabled.
 Voters who are physically disabled or infirm and unable to enter the polling    place.

Choosing Your Assistant

If you need assistance to vote, you may choose anyone you want to help you, as long as the person is not your employer or an agent of your union. You may be assisted by a relative, a friend, or by one of the precinct officials at your polling place.

Polling Place Accessibility

Oklahoma election officials are working to locate all polling places in buildings that are handicapped accessible.

Some physically disabled voters still may be unable to enter their polling places. If a physically disabled voter is unable to enter the polling place, two precinct officials will help the voter to vote outside the polling place. This procedure is sometimes called “curbside voting.” Call your local county election board for more information.

Absentee Voting

Absentee voting is also a choice for physically disabled and elderly voters. Any registered voter may vote by absentee ballot. You don’t have to give a reason for voting by absentee ballot.

However, voters who are physically incapacitated may give that as a reason for voting by absentee ballot. This allows them to take advantage of some special conditions in the law that may make absentee voting easier.
Contact your local county election board or the State Election Board for more information about voting by absentee ballot.

Other Assistance for Voters

A person who needs help filling out the Oklahoma Voter Registration Application form may ask someone to help. The helper must write his or her name address in the space provided on the application form. If a person wants to apply for voter registration but is unable to sign the form or even to make a mark on the form, contact your local county election board or the State Election Board for information.

The State Election Board has installed a telephone line dedicated for use with a TDD. The TDD number is 405-521-3028. Voters who are deaf or hearing impaired are encouraged to call the State Election Board for more information and assistance.

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