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Voter Registration

All of the following information is provided courtesy of The Oklahoma State Election Board. Provided in this material is information on how to register to vote, who is eligible, and when to register.

Voter Registration in Oklahoma

 A person who is eligible to register to vote must be:
 At least 18 years old
 A United States citizen
 A resident of Oklahoma

How to Register

You must fill out a voter registration application form. Voter registration application forms are available at the following places:

County Election Board offices
Tag agencies
Public libraries
Post offices
State Election Board

You may also download a voter registration application form from the State Election Board's website: www.elections.state.ok.us

The voter registration application form asks for:

Your name and address
Your political affiliation
Your birth date
Your Oklahoma Driver's license number or
The last four digits of your Social Security number

You must sign and date the oath printed on the form.

Submitting Your Application

After filling out and signing the voter registration application form, mail it to the State Election Board. The form is already addressed, but you must add a first-class postage stamp.

Voter Identification Card

You do not become a registered voter until the county election board in the county where you live approves your voter registration application. When your application is approved, the county election board mails a voter identification card to you. Your voter identification card lists your name, address, political affiliation, and the polling place for your voting precinct.

When you get your voter identification card in the mail, look at it carefully and call the county election board if there are any errors. Keep your voter identification card in a safe place and always take it with you when you go to vote, especially when you vote for the first time. Some new registered voters are asked for identification when they vote for the first time in certain kinds of elections.

If the county election board cannot approve your voter registration application, it mails a letter to you. The letter tells why your application was not approved and tells you what steps to take to become registered. You may be able to return the letter with some additional information, or you may need to fill out and send in a new application form.

When to Register

You may send in a voter registration application form at any time. However, the county election board cannot issue voter identification cards during the 24 days before an election.

If you become eligible to register to vote during a period that begins 60 days before an election and ends on election day, you may send in your application early. (The election must be one in which you will be eligible to vote if registered.) For example, if your 18th birthday occurs 30 days before an election, you may send in a voter registration application before your birthday, but no earlier than 60 days before the election day. The county election board then mails your voter identification card to you after your birthday.

Changing Your Registration

After you become a registered voter, you may need to change your registration. Changes you may need to make include:

 Your address
 Your name
 Your political affiliation

You must fill out a new voter registration application form to change your voter registration. Follow the instructions on the form about changing your registration. You may change your voter registration at any time- with one exception: you cannot change your political affiliation between April 1 and August 31 in even-numbered years.

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